[Noisebridge-discuss] donated new hp laserjet color laser printer (cp1525nw)

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 14:36:55 PST 2011

Donated a new hp laserjet color laser printer earlier today.  This was 
not an impulse buy.  I had been considering a new printer for 
noisebridge awhile.  Our existing laserjet has become more hassle than 
its worth.  Plus the cost of a new toner for treechopper was about a 
third of what the color laserjet costs new.  This thing will pay for 
itself in no time.

The color laserjet is nothing fancy.  But it does have built-in tcp/ip 
ethernet networking.  John E. helped me get it on the network earlier. 
The i.p. address is written on some masking tape on the top of the printer.

Immediate uses for the printer are:
* a mini brochure/orientation packet for first-time visitors
* kombucha bottle labels
* perhaps a mini brochure to distribute to potential donators of large 
* color circuit schematics and scarf designs.

treechopper has caused me much pain with its jamming and has other 
issues. somebody please take it into the woods and get medieval on it 
"office space" style.


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