[Noisebridge-discuss] Certified Satisfaction or Double Your Money Back!

aestetix aestetix aestetix at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 19:10:01 PST 2011

Thought you guys would appreciate this one.

This year at the Congress, I decided to institute a new project. In response
to some chatter on here about degrees and certifications, I thought it would
be fun to print up a bunch of degrees for "Being Excellent" and pass them
out to random people at the conference. It was well received, and everyone
enjoyed it.

Here's the general text I used on the degree:

"Aestetix hereby decrees

(insert name here)

to have prevailed in a mastery of the advanced art of "Being Excellent."

This degree certifies, by the power and authority assumed by aestetix, that
they have the ability to both discern excellence and to be excellent to

I got photos with almost everyone, and I'm hoping that over the next few
days they will trickle up the netstream and we'll be able to have a more
complete photo list. As for the list, I did an initial run of 42 students,
number zero being myself. Hopefully people who took the photos will let me
know as they get uploaded so I can link them all on the page!

Here's a link to the result of the experiment.
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