[Noisebridge-discuss] policies and procedures (more things you don't want to hear)

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 21:25:23 PST 2011

Since nobody wants to hear it from me, I'll try to keep this short:

Going into this new year, Noisebridge should (needs!) do things like the 
rest of the world and formally acknowledge some policies and procedures. 
  You can read more about these types of things at:

There are both legal and practical requirements for policies and 
procedures.  While it sounds cool to claim there's no policies, I'm 
certain Noisebridge has at least some general policies. "Be excellent to 
each other", wear shoes while in the space, don't use bittorrent on the 
noisebridge network, clean up after yourself, don't sleep here overnight 
are just a few policies that I know exist.

As for procedures, Noisebridge has some of those as well.  Post 
something to the rack list if you modify a server, put money into the 
drink donations bin if you take a drink from the fridge, etc.  A few 
more that should seriously be considered are providing a real receipt to 
the treasurer/bookkeeper if you spend noisebridge money, a procedure to 
reserve certain resources for a specific date/time (a classroom, use of 
a projector, etc.), and accepting packages delivered to noisebridge and 
notifying the recipient.

All policies and procedures should be kept in a location that guests and 
members alike can easily locate.  I recommend:

Policies and procedures prevent petty disputes and allow people that 
don't know each other very well and don't particularly like each other 
very much to at least sorta get along with each other.  Noisebridge has 
too many members and visitors at this point to not have any general 
policies and procedures.

Hopefully this posting will not start a flame war.

Happy New Year!


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