[Noisebridge-discuss] policies and procedures (more things you don't want to hear)

Liz Henry liz at bookmaniac.org
Mon Jan 3 10:45:07 PST 2011


I see you as having two concerns here, one being a worry that a lack of
official rules and authority and structure will inherently lead to
disaster, and the other a worry about people possibly getting hurt at
Noisebridge.  I want to suggest some ways you could work on both those

If there are specific areas or tools in the space that you think are
dangerous, you could work on labelling them with useful information.
That could include a list of people who know how to use that equipment
who can be contacted for operating and safety instructions, and some
caution signs, and whatever else you feel might promote safety.

That would help safety, and would also provide structure.  It would set
a good example for a good practice for NB, ie, when you leave stuff
lying around, put some meta-information on it, especially if it could be
dangerous. And even then take a photo of the Electrified Laser Beam
Circular Saw of Doom or whatever it is, and put it on the wiki, with its
cautionary labelling. What do you think of that as a project?  Note i am
still talking about structure and practices and customary actions -- not
rules and laws.

I am still answering you in all seriousness because I see that you have
some energy to change things and are looking for something to do.  I'm
hoping you can channel that into something more appropriate to the
community than trying to change the very nature of the community. If
your main concern is that you want to be part of a community that has
clear lines of authority, you might want to look for one that exists
now, rather than re-form NB into a rules-and-voting-driven hierarchy,
which many of us will resist deeply.



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