[Noisebridge-discuss] policies and procedures (more things you don't want to hear)

Alex Handy alexhandy at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 11:31:32 PST 2011

In order to make the most impact possible, I have shortened Aestetix's response to only the most relevant part for Patrick:

>  listen to people's responses

That is all.

On Jan 3, 2011, at 11:10 AM, aestetix aestetix wrote:

> While the board inherently has no power, it does have the awesome role of taking the blame in the event of any such seriousness.
> But take a second to think about it. We encourage people to be independent, and it follows that if you do hurt yourself, you figure out how to make it better. I mean, there is definitely cause to reach for a higher power in some rare cases: for example, during one of the 5MoF events last year, someone had a serious medical issue and we had to bring the paramedics in to save her life (she is ok now).
> On the flipside, there is an inherent danger in citing "what ifs?" We tend to be sort of edge exploring folks who are interested in exploring life, and setting artificial labels and boundaries to attempt to control the learning of others will only serve to discourage that exploration. Further, it will drive people away faster than anything else.
> Rather than saying "don't do this", I suggest asking "Why are things done this way?." And then listen to people's responses, and consider why they respond the way they do. We can get around the fear the 1990s instilled in us by growing strong interpersonal ties and having a community that supports people who fall by the wayside.

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