[Noisebridge-discuss] Is Patrick Keys stealing from the donation jug?

Hephaestus hephaestus at antipunk.net
Mon Jan 3 12:08:26 PST 2011


You're un-excellent. You're a total douchenugget. Nobody likes you.
I'm still kicking you out of the space the next time I see you.


On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 12:03 PM, Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sleeping:
> I have never slept here longer than a short nap. Ever. Any time I am
> here at night or early in the morning.  You can ask anybody that's here
> during that time (Isky, Robert, Benny, etc.).  My usual routine when I
> am here late at night has been to drive Benny home in my car so he
> doesn't have to walk.
> Stealing:
> I have no need to steal.  Plus, a lot of food that's brought in here is
> food that I pay for myself.  The alleged stealing is gossip that Robert
> started two nights ago while he was, ahem, sleeping here overnight at
> Noisebridge.  He also put up a curtain over the tea room and slept here
> all last night.  He and I were the only two people here two nights ago.
>  He awoke in the middle of sleeping in the Turing classroom, ran out of
> the room for some bizarre reason, and then claimed to have heard a
> noise.  He then blamed was my dog.  The next day, with no rhyme or
> reason, without even discussing it with me, he began telling his buddy
> Fabian behind my back that he was going to start personal private
> investigations into me.
> On several occasions, I have - with witnesses watching - taken money
> from the glass donation jar in the kitchen and moved it to the locked
> jar specifically to prevent theft.  I also update the drink money page
> whenever I take money from there.  When tastebridge money has been
> spent, I've also provided a receipt for any expenses.
> I'm not a gossip, but a few nights ago a $20 bill mysteriously got
> stolen from the drink donation box.  I counted the money before I left
> at 4am to see how much money we had.  The next day, when it came time to
> buy drinks, the $20 was missing.
> This is all ridiculously childish.
> Andy, it is unexcellent to accuse people of stealing, particularly when
> it is not even you doing the accusing.  Instead, it's an "anonymous"
> gossip that you're relaying.
> Gossip is un-excellent.
> Patrick
> On 1/3/2011 11:37 AM, Alex Handy wrote:
>> In the spirit of the openness that Patrick Keys has postulated, demanded, and yammered on about incessantly, I thought it only fair to air the accusations I was just made aware of:
>> It is alleged that Patrick Keys has been seen taking money out of the donation boxes. This accusation was leveled by a fellow who claimed to see this take place at 3 AM while the witness was gaming at NB. I've been told others have seen him do this on other occasions, but rather than do things in the dark behind closed doors, I thought I'd ask the list if anyone else can corroborate. Maybe we can set up some sort of formal process for dealing with thieves  in the process!
>> Anyone want to chime in?
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