[Noisebridge-discuss] policies and procedures (more things you don't want to hear)

Liz Henry liz at bookmaniac.org
Mon Jan 3 13:02:29 PST 2011

On 1/3/11 11:06 AM, Patrick Keys wrote:
> Liz,
> I appreciate your rather long email.  I have a degree in bachelor's
> degree in business management from the University of Houston.  It's not
> a matter of me wanting to change things.  My concerns are that
> Noisebridge is a great place, it's about two years old, and if it's
> going to get any older then it also needs to get more mature - with some
> structure and some goals.
> A couple weekly meetings ago I (in all seriousness) asked everybody to
> come up with a mission statement for Noisebridge.  The general response
> was "Noisebridge means something different to everybody." I agree with
> that. But if Noisebridge is going to continue to grow, then there needs
> to be some greater goal and direction that everybody can agree on and
> work towards as a team.  It seems the only goal that everybody can agree
> on right now is "pay the rent and keep the lights on."  That's not very
> exciting.
> Patrick


I prefer to keep this discussion public, actually.

I notice that in response to my suggestions of direct action, you have
responded by citing the expertise and authority that you feel your BA in
Management gives you. I don't have any respect for that as a response.

If you feel that Noisebridge isn't exciting, and that there are so many
things fundamentally wrong with it, and you also feel unwelcome at NB
(as you mention in other emails) why are you still there?

- Liz

Liz Henry
lizhenry at gmail.com

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