[Noisebridge-discuss] Is Patrick Keys stealing from the donation jug?

Jesse welz welzart at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 13:47:38 PST 2011

I so don't want to get involved with this argument and I really hate
to add more messages to this thread but I just want to clarify one
point while it inevitably moves forward.

On Mon Jan 3 12:03:33 PST 2011, Patrick Keys wrote:
> Andy, it is unexcellent to accuse people of stealing, particularly when
> it is not even you doing the accusing.  Instead, it's an "anonymous"
> gossip that you're relaying.


Andy is not the one who is accusing you of stealing from the donation
jar, it's Alex. Alex sometimes known as VonGaurd but not Andy.

The reason I am pointing out this detail is because this same exact
thing happened to me by you. You came up to me at NB and said, "So,
you don't like me huh?", and I said, "What?" and then I said, (as I
remembered) "Oh, you mean Jesse Zbikowski, I'm Jesse Welz." Jesse
Zbikowski said some stuff on this list that was sort of inline with
what Heph just said to you. I certainly was not the one who said that
stuff to you on the list as I told you in person.

I suppose this sort of mix-up is exactly why these issues shouldn't be
sorted out on the list. First names as a means of identification in
such an expansive community are not very reliable. Jesse Zbikowski is
a bearded dude, I am a non-bearded chick, totally different.

Also, for the record I have just legally changed my name to Gescykae.
You may think this is just some scheme to show off my newly acquired
name, which it is partly but more importantly it is to clarify

Please make sure you have your peeps straight before continuing on with drama.

Carry on,

Gescykae Welz

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