[Noisebridge-discuss] AMP Extraction tool, and stuff people may want

Dave Johnson dave at chenerystreet.com
Fri Jan 7 09:22:48 PST 2011

Hi Noisebridgers,

1) I have an old Weller soldering station, and after a small disaster, I bought a replacement cord for the iron (TC-201P). Alas, the sockets that terminate the cord at the heater are locked into a piece of black plastic, and require a specific tool to remove gracefully. And of course I don't have the tool. Decidedly ungraceful attempts were made, ending in frustration.  A little research turned up this:

> The specific AMP Extraction tool for this procedure is part number 91136-1

found at http://www.radiobanter.com/archive/index.php/t-21950.html

This tool is available still, but is (gulp) around $200.

I'm hoping against hope that someone on this list has this tool, or knows someone who does, and I can arrange to use it for a half-hour or so.

2) I recently re-organized my workshop, and have a box of electronics stuff I don't need anymore. I don't have a full list handy, but there's a circuit-board-holding Panavise head, a UV eraser (does anybody do that anymore?), bundles of wire-wrapping wire, a nice breadboard with banana jacks, and a bunch of other stuff. I wanted to offer it up to folks who might want it before trashing whatever's left.

What's the procedure here? Is there one? Should I just bring the box to the space and let people paw through it and take what they want?


Dave Johnson

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