[Noisebridge-discuss] meeting notes 2010-01-05

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Fri Jan 7 13:03:29 PST 2011

On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 12:19 PM, Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com> wrote:

> Along those same lines, having the meeting every week kinda undermines
> its significance.  Attendance is random, the agenda is very sparse, and
> usually there's at least a few heckles of "can we just skip the meeting?"
> Maybe the bylaws (or whatever) could be amended to have the meeting
> twice a month or even just once a month?
ProTip: here's a better way to approach this: ask, "Why do we have a meeting
every week, instead of every other week?"

That way, you sound like you're interested in understanding, instead of
bossing people around.

The answer to that question is: based on other people's experiences.
 There's a great resource of distilled wisdom from other hackerspaces, in
the Hackerspace Patterns.  The one that is most relevant here is the Plenum


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