[Noisebridge-discuss] BarBot 2011

Simone Davalos simone at combots.net
Mon Jan 31 17:14:14 PST 2011

Hello Noisebridgians,

I come to you with news that among all the upheaval, unrest and world 
changing cusps upon which these times teeter, there is always still a 
refuge to be found in the field of cocktail robotics.

Yes, for the second year in a row and with the blessings of our friends 
from Shifz and monochrom in Austria, The Robotics Society of America is 
proud to present BarBot 2011, a celebration of the mechanization of 
cocktail culture.

BarBot 2011 is a fine amalgam of science and unbridled hedonism, and 
will be taking place Friday and Saturday, April 1-2, at the lovely new 
digs of PariSoma, 169 11th Street (at Howard) San Francisco.  In 
attendance will be cocktail making and serving robots, robots that roll 
around dribbling beer and flinging pretzels, and other additions to the 
cultural zeitgeist in the name of Science And Libations.

We would love to have you and your creations appear at this year's 
event.  Perks include deep attractiveness to the sex of your choice, 
inestimable power over space and time, and mad genius the likes of which 
the world has never seen.  This all occurs for you in the form of free 
drinks, our deepest regard, and a good time for a good cause.

This is, as always, a fundraiser for The Robotics Society of America, 
that lovable little 501(c)3 educational foundation that co-produces The 
International RoboGames, (coming up April 15-17th, 2011! 
Http://www.robogames.net).  RoboGames aims to teach interested parties 
of all ages the wonder and excitement of Math, Science, Technology and 
Engineering in a fun and competitive forum.

If you are interested in showcasing a wonderful creation at the event, 
please contact me, Simone, either at this email or at 415.307.3482

We will provide the venue, the power, the alcohol and mixers for your 
machines, the snacks, and the lovin'.  Since we are pulling our own 
liquor license for the venue, the process will be a lot less complicated 
than last year.

If you are in need of a small amount of cash assistance to make the 
event happen for you, please contact us.

Please forward this email around to likely suspects you think might be 
interested, we enjoy change.



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