[Noisebridge-discuss] Housekeeping history

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 1 01:31:30 PDT 2011

Maybe we could support the cleanliness and excellences by given out a bit of 
"sugar". I've heard that for example the Kabuki Spring Spa in Japan town is very 
good in free vouchers to non profits. What about getting some and after that 
redistribute it to people who are by the community considered helpful. Cleaning 
gurus, 5 min fame organisers, e-waste crackers etc. could be the "lucky ones". 
No money involved but excellence would be supported.



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Yes! Yes! Yes! !!!!! 

On Thu, 2011-06-30 at 18:39 -0700, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Will Sargent wrote, On 20110630 143724:
> > See, I think this "someone should step up and take responsibility" is part
> > of the problem.  No-one wants to get stuck with the "I clean Noisebridge"
> > job, and I can understand why.
> It's our space, part of participating in a space is we all clean it.
> That makes more sense to me then electing an official are paying someone
> to do the job.
> If you're looking for some place you don't need to clean up, might I
> suggest looking for a commercial work share space.
> Additionally if we get a facilities manager to deal with the space, why
> bother cleaning up after yourself? At work I don't wash my own dishes,
> the company I work for decided it's cheaper to hire somewhere else than
> for its employees to waste their (highly expensive) time on that sort of
> thing. I go to work to work and get paid for it.
> Noisebridge is a community, I go there to participate in it. I wouldn't
> see Noisebridge in the same light if we were paying someone to come in
> and clean up after ourselves. We're not getting paid to go there and
> work towards a business valued goal. It's our space and I think we
> should work towards making it hospitable to whatever point we want it to be.
> I like the idea that the current configuration, layout, where everything
> is of Noisebridge happened because someone random, member or not decided
> to make that happen. I like that I can show up and decide, "Well fuck
> these fucking doors they don't belong here anymore" and move them
> elsewhere without having to answer to someone who's getting paid to make
> sure everything little thing is exactly where it should be. It would
> feel like a very different place if someone got pissy at me for removing
> a door, not because they're a total asshole member, but because they're
> getting paid to be an asshole.
> No one single person should have to spearhead this effort, the whole
> community should. Considering the number of man hours wasted in this
> debating through our mailing list and at meetings, how much cleaner
> could have Noisebridge have gotten if we just had a single cleaning day
> every 2 or 3 weeks?
> Hell someone for a while had a cleaning thing setup at the end of every
> meeting, that worked great when people paid attention to that last
> agenda item.
> You're all smart, hack a solution together people, make Noisebridge your
> community.
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