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Well that is something along the lines of "be excellent to each other".

Great and thanks to Liz and Aestetix!



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Signbridge Ahoy!!

At Tuesday's meeting I promised to start making signs to outline various
cleaning jobs around Noisebridge, with spaces for people to sign up (as
on the back of the bathroom door) to declare they've done a cleaning
task.  Aestetix and I talked about making the signs have a consistent
design and breaking down each cleaning job into smaller tasks. I then
spent half a day with Francisco and some other people throwing things
out and re-organizing where the food and utensils are stored. All the
spices and food have homes on shelves -- instead of on the countertops.
I taped up some kitchen signs tonight.

There is an overview "Kitchen cleaning" sign taped up in various places
around the kitchen with numbered tasks like "Wash the dishes" or "Mop
the floor".  Then in (I hope) logical places near where the task
happens, there are signs explaining what to do in order to get it done.

Under each sign there's space to put your name and the date to say "I've
done this".

If you read them or go through the different tasks, please make notes on
the signs to edit and improve them.  I'll be back in town next Wednesday
and can re-print the signs, laminate them, and re-post them.

Part of the idea here is that we could read off the names of people who
cleaned at the meeting each week, to thank them.

So, it's just an experiment, but let's see if the signs inspire people
to pick a cleaning job, to follow through on it so it's done, and to
feel that their efforts are recognized.

We can try it in other areas too.

I particularly admire the stepstools which are sensibly labelled "put me
back by Pole 12" and so on.  More signs like that will be super helpful!

The stuff in the kitchen cabinets and drawers has been reorganized to
some extent, but the labels aren't accurate. That needs fixing but I
won't be back in town till Wednesday.

We also really need more clean rags or dishtowels and a place to put
them where they'll be easy to find.


- Liz

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