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*From:* Gangsei, Erica
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*Subject:* ArtGameLab KVEC exhibition - call for participants.

Hello Education colleagues!

I’m very excited to forward the attached call for participants for a KVEC
exhibition scheduled for January 2012.

The project is called ArtGameLab.  It is a collaborative effort with the Bay
Area community to try out simple strategies of in-gallery and onsite visitor
engagement.  Basically, I am crowdsourcing games for visitors to play in the

I am sending this along so you all can forward it to folks who might be
interested in participating, or who might in turn forward it to likely
participants.  The project’s success really depends on how well we reach out
to our various communities.

Like a game, I am setting up the parameters but have no idea at this point
what the exact  substance or outcome  will be. The deadline for proposals in
August 15, but interested people can and should contact me with questions
even if they do not yet have a fully-formed proposal.  The call and the
proposals themselves will both be jumping off points for discussion and

So please circulate, and get ready to play some awesome new games in the



Erica Gangsei

Manager of Interpretive Media, Education


151 Third Street

San Francisco, CA  94103

p: 415.357.4028 | f: 415.947.1213
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