[Noisebridge-discuss] Money for new Stallion (Pony) VM server

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Mon Nov 7 19:04:47 PST 2011

There is a "noisecloud" deployment, though it's totally maintained and
operated by private third parties.
It has nothing to do as Noisebridge as an organization, I believe.

The compute resources that are physically colocated in 2169 now are
vastly underutilized, and for the most part have been working great
for in-space uses.

Like many of the computing/hosting-like services related to
Noisebridge, if you have a research project or specific project in
mind, the resources are often there if you ask for them. I think that
most of the parties (Noisebridge, "the organization" included) doesn't
want to become a web hosting shop.
In forming that expectation, most users would (conventionally) expect
things to be up all the time and the have a person to call if
something's not working.

Like most projects at or related to Noisebridge, there's a group of
people interested in keeping things functional (and who are usually
open to people helping out and contributing), but I get the feeling
that most folks don't want to feel relied upon or tied to the project
(or woken in the middle of the night for help).

These are just passive observations and not gospel, but it's what I've observed.


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