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I started a commune.  Yup, I did.  I learned an immense amount from its spectacular, miserable, traumatic failures (though it is still going on, and many people I have bumped into over the years (including someone just last night) have told me that they have been there, and that they loved their experiences visiting there), much of which I put to good use in discussing and implementing ways for Noisebridge to have much better chances of success at the ongoing social experiment that it is (and I'm almost always amazed at how well Noisebridge succeeds -- better than all my fantasies back before we started). If folks interested in NoiseLand get together for a meeting, I'd be happy to share my experiences and what I learned along the way of starting a commune. Mitch.
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I'd add goal #12 - in order to make it more self-supporting, choose a craft (or several) that can be easily taught, manufactured on-site, and exported.

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