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Also see countries with a country code far larger than just 2 digits; three digit codes are far from uncommon -- such outlandish places as Ireland (353), Portugal (352) and Iceland (354) have them; and for the US territories and the Carribeans, you'll even see 4-digit country codes: Bahamas (1242), Barbados (1246). Looking deeper, it seems that the Vatican can be argued to have a 5-digit countrycode: +39066.

There _IS_ a standard here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E.164
Basically it allocates 15 digits to the aggregate country-code+number field.

// Mikael

On Nov 22, 2011, at 12:44 AM, Felipe Sanches wrote:

> The phone number format restriction seems problematic:
> In Brazil a typical phone number would be +55 11 2204-7931 (this is a guessed phone number from Brazil (55) in the city of São Paulo (11) in the neighbourhood of Tucuruvi (2204))
> As you can see the format for brazil is +CCDDNNNNNNNN (C for country code, D for state code, N for number) which corresponds to 12 digits instead of 11 digits defined in the JSON struct
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> On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 7:14 PM, miloh <froggytoad at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'll be investigating the utility of this project and perhaps adding nb in.  Any constructive comments on the proposal or ideas for things to build around a hackerspace status api?
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> Date: Nov 21, 2011 1:01 PM
> Subject: [hackerspaces] HackerSpace Status API – rel0.11
> To: <discuss at lists.hackerspaces.org>
> The HackerSpace Status API proposes a unified syntax to publish information about a hackerspace for consumption by javascript widgets, mobile apps and other scripts or programs. The API is flexible, and allows for custom extensions.
> The API is based on JSON, and defines the properties of the space status JSON object. In this specification, some fields are mandatory, whereas others are optional. A hackerspace implementing this API should at least provide the mandatory fields.
> http://hackerspaces.nl/spaceapi/
> Space directory
> The space status directory can be found on:
> http://chasmcity.sonologic.nl/spacestatusdirectory.php
> To be included in this directory, please email the author of this document with your URL.
> Status object
> The JSON object has these fields:
>    api (string, mandatory) – ’0.11′
>    space (string, mandatory) – name of the hackerspace;
>    logo (string, mandatory) – url to a png, jpg or gif image;
>    icon (array, mandatory) – provides url’s to 2 icons to use to depict ‘open’ and ‘closed’ status:
>        open (string, mandatory): url to a square png file with a max resolution of 100×100 pixels;
>        closed (string, mandatory): url to a square png file with a max resolution of 100×100 pixels;
>    url (string, mandatory) – url to the hackerspace homepage;
>    address (string, optional) – visiting address;
>    contact (object, optional) – has the following subfields:
>        phone (string, optional) – phone number (in the form of +CCNNNNNNNNN, where CC is the countrycode);
>        sip (string, optional) – sip uri (eg. ‘sip:gmc at pbx.sonologic.net>        keymaster (string or array of strings, optional) – phone number, or phone numbers of people able to open the space (for spaces where not all members can unlock the door
>        irc (string, optional) – irc channel in the form of ‘irc://freenode/#revspace’;
>        twitter (string, optional) – twitter account in the form of ‘@brenno’;
>        email (string, optional) – general email address;
>        ml (string, optional) – public mailing list address;
>        jabber (string, optional) – jabber chatbox;
>        …. – additional fields may be added if needed (but please let the author know, so it can be added to the spec in order to achieve consistency across implementations).
>    lat (float, optional) – latitude
>    lon (float, optional) – longitude
>    cam (array of strings, optional) – webcam url(s);
>    stream (array, optional) – object indexed by stream type with url to stream as value (eg { ‘mp4′:’http\/\/etc…’,'mjpg’:'….’})
>    open (boolean, mandatory) – ‘true’ if the space is currently open, ‘false’ if not;
>    status (string, optional) – additional free-form string to specify the ‘open’ status (ie, ‘open for public’, ‘members only’, …)
>    lastchange (long int, optional) – seconds since epoch of last change in the open field;
>    events (array, optional) – array of recent check-in/check-outs or other relevant events the space wants to share (such as the fire-alarm).
>        Each entry in the events array has the following fields:
>            name (string, mandatory) – name or nickname of person or object associated with this event;
>            type (string, mandatory) – ‘check-in’ or ‘check-out’ (other values may be specified, but receivers of the object are not obligated to be able to understand these)
>            t (long int, mandatory) – time since the epoch for this event
>            extra (string, optional) – additional information
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