[Noisebridge-discuss] Hologlyphic-Movie/Noisbridge grant funding re-application

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Wed Nov 23 14:47:14 PST 2011

This is a fiscal sponsorship to the tune of $30k...that is a significant
financial relationship you are proposing.

It's a good thing we have started developing a framework for this, from
Noisetor.  We made Noisetor creators jump through a bunch of hoops to
make sure that we have a sound agreement regarding the financial
obligations incurred in such a relationship.

I think it's pretty important to hammer out that kind of agreement.

If the tone of the discussion next week is good, it probably could be
done in parallel with your letter of intent, as long as you are under
the understanding that the sponsorship may not be approved if consensus
is not reached.

Please check out the noisetor wiki page if you need a starting point for
what kind of agreement i am talking about.  Even trusted longstanding
members of the community can become a little lax in fulfilling their
obligations, and for everyone's peace of mind it's important to spell
out what those obligations are ahead of time.


On 11/23/2011 2:30 PM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Hi Walter.
> Last night at the meeting you wanted to talk about your project and this
> letter of intent to be indorsed by Noisebridge. You were asked to hold
> off talking about it till a more appropriate time in the meeting.
> It seems as though it wasn't clear to Jim or Shannon or anyone else at
> the meeting that you actually wanted to bring this action up as a
> discussion item, to be consented on at our next meeting (Nov 29th). If
> you remember we spoke about this after the meeting was over, and that
> generally through miscommunication we never brought it up formally as a
> discussion item. Since you have a due date to work worth, you wanted to
> know if there was any way to bring this item up for consensus on the
> 29th without having it actually getting discussed at the meeting that
> just passed.
> My advice to you was to bring up this mishap on the discussion list and
> see if anyone would object to you pushing for consensus next week by
> holding discussion for the item on the mailing list, in addition to the
> actually item you want to achieve consensus on. However I don't see text
> from your previous email regarding any of that, nor are you even asking
> for consensus.
> Did I miss something? When we were chatting?
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