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jim jim at systemateka.com
Wed Nov 30 17:42:22 PST 2011

two points: 
* i like the idea of bays somewhere in the space where things 
are stored when not in use, e.g. screwdrivers and other stuff 
in the dirty workshop, electronic tools (scopes, meters, hand 
tools...). you wanna work on something? great, get stuff from 
a bay and work and then put it back before you LEAVE THE SPACE. 
* i like the idea that stuff we need for infrastructure (e.g. 
all the electrical stuff i bought with my money with the idea 
it will be used in the space for general power and lighting, 
e.g. ladders, extension cords, vacuum cleaners...) resides in 
some place where it's clear that the stuff is there so we can 
improve the space and things are organized so that light bulbs, 
sheetrock screws, plumbing fittings...) are together with their 
brothers and sisters in one place and that there is a single 
sign that explains the organization. 

On Wed, 2011-11-30 at 12:56 -0800, Danny O'Brien wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 12:35 PM, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
> > Elijah Post wrote, On 2011-11-30 12:32:
> >> My thinking was that classes with lots of equipment or about fabrication
> >> (of which there are many) would be in church.
> >
> > Yes, but the 3D printers are used beyond just within classes.
> > Additionally they take up space, inside of a classroom that's less
> > people that can attend other classes that don't involve 3D printers.
> I think that the problem that is being sought to be solved is that the
> 3D printers are in a high-traffic area, and therefore get futzed with
> a lot, and people working on them get distracted, and the 3D printers
> get misaligned by gawking people, so they are looking to move them
> somewhere less high-traffic (somebody should step in if I got this
> wrong).
> This is actually a more general issue -- many people complain about
> this, and it was one of those things that cropped up in the "why i
> don't work on projects at NB" lists.
> I'd be interested in quickly brainstorming how we could fix this, and
> whether we actually *should* fix this. It may just be the nature of
> the Noisebridge beast that we get a lot of foot-traffic and enquiries
> and that stuff gets messed with.
> Generally at points like this, people want to have a smaller, enclosed
> space that they have some control over. As Rubin has pointed out
> before, this creates new challenges in that those people often end up
> somewhat proprietorial about their bit. I don't actually think that's
> always bad -- it's good to be protective of say the kitchen, and it's
> great that the 3D printers now have a gang working on them full-time.
> One proposed solution for the 3D printers was to move them a bit
> further out from the front of the space, out toward the SCOW area,
> instead of Church/Turing.
> Another solution was to have one of the 3D printers as a sacrificial
> lamb at the front of the space, and put the others in some more
> hidden-away area.
> Finally, maybe rephrasing it as expanding the laser room to include a
> 3D printing section rather than invading Church might be a better way
> of taking this. A row of desks under the laser printer room would take
> a bit of church that's frequently set up with desks anyway, and is
> kind of awkward to occupy for a class in there.
> Personally, I'm happy for Church to be a bit multi-use as long as it
> doesn't get taken over by other projects permanently, and Turing
> remains completely a classroom.
> d.
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