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for the next 24 hours
Date: 	Wed, 30 Nov 2011 14:18:41 -0800
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Another update:

The proposed support rally at 9 pm tonight has been called off, based on
intel from multiple sources saying an overnight raid tonight is highly
unlikely, given the city's own uncertainty as to a best course of
action, continuing conversations about the Mission space between the
city and many who are interested in it, and a general lack of appetite
on the part of the city for an Oakland-style showdown, especially during
the holiday season.

Various groups are meeting throughout the day trying to coordinate these
efforts as well as drafting a unifying statement to the extent that it
is possible.

Now, a personal opinion (please excuse me):

I was, and am, one of those vocally opposed to signing any kind of
agreement with the city regarding the Mission site. At the same time, I
am profoundly concerned that many who felt different from me felt that
they did not have adequate space to express those differences of
opinion, both last night and during the days leading up to it. That's
becoming very clear to me the more I talk to others about this. Many
simply walked away from the GA last night.

I'm pleading with everyone to focus on our unifying principles and
aspirations regardless of the tactical choices that are dividing us
right now, and stand in solidarity with each other no matter those
individual choices. If we are to put together a collective statement
today, it must be inclusive of those voices that were not given space
last night.

I fully believe we can decentralize and unify at the same time. This is
a chance to do it right. The OSF umbrella can become large enough to
bring everyone together, even those independent groups at city colleges
(who have already been asking to coordinate better with us). No one may
own OSF outright, but everyone should have access to it. Whether they
decide to start a new camp in the Mission, keeping trying to hold down
101 Market, start other autonomous occupations across the city, focus on
city-wide and Bay Area-wide direct action, outreach... No matter how
opposed I am personally to the city's license agreement in principle, I
am ready to stand in full solidarity to those who want to take up that
opportunity. Diamond Dave has been talking about this arrangement for
many GAs now. Maybe we should call it the Diamond Dave Model in tribute!

We are all here because we are ready to give. No matter our tactical
choices, we're here to transform the socioeconomic system and the
political system for the better. Let's keep that in mind, please. This
is a precious opportunity to re-think how we collaborate and how we move
forward. As much as it's been draining dealing with the bickering and
the feelings of hurt and loss of trust, I remain excited about this
opportunity. I hope you share in that sentiment.

Ki Won

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:24 AM, Ki Won Yoon <kiwonyoon at gmail.com
<mailto:kiwonyoon at gmail.com>> wrote:

    Correction: The call for labor/faith/community groups to mobilize
    for a rally tonight at 9 pm has NOT gone out yet. Decision is
    pending additional intel in the next hour or so, but it will be made

    Anyone with relevant intel re city's intentions for tonight, please
    report back ASAP.


    Ki Won

    On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 2:23 AM, Ki Won Yoon <kiwonyoon at gmail.com
    <mailto:kiwonyoon at gmail.com>> wrote:

        Hi everyone,

        Apologies for spamming so many list at once. Just wanted to get
        the word out to as many people as possible. The OSF GA earlier
        tonight had consensus on rejecting the city's offer of the 16th
        & Mission space and its list of 17 provisions. The news is
        already out:



        Jerry Selness personally spoke to Mohammed Nuru on the phone
        during the GA and told him that he would be stepping down as a
        liaison, and that OSF would respond directly as a group to the
        city's offer tomorrow.

        There is now an ad hoc team of people (including Magick, Lisa,
        Diana, etc.) who will be putting together a statement outlining
        our reasons for the rejection of the offer. This statement will
        come to the GA tomorrow for consensus, and immediately released
        if consensus is achieved. This statement is expected not only to
        be a list of grievances but a firm assertion of our core values
        and aspirations.

        The Web WG is expected to go live with the new occupysf.org
        <http://occupysf.org> site tomorrow, correct? Would be a great
        way to launch the new site with the OSF statement/manifesto. :)
        Lisa G is point person for the drafting of the statement, if Web
        folks want to coordinate. Also relevant to Web & Media WGs is
        Milo's idea of having a video speak-out, of having multitude of
        voices on camera sharing their thoughts on these issues, as a
        complement to any collective written statement, and this had a
        lot of positive support during the GA.

        A call for a rally in support of the occupation of JHP has gone
        out to the various labor/faith/community groups by their
        respective spokespersons, and unless there is a change in
        expectations before noon of a raid tomorrow night (in which case
        a cancellation will be sent out to everyone), we will have a
        massive gathering of supporters at JHP tomorrow starting at 9 pm.

        Emergency text notification system is in effect. Please remind
        people to text 'occupysf' (no quotes) to 234-200-4031 to join
        the text tree if they haven't. The three admins for triggering
        the SOS text are: Gene D., Peter P., (both cc'ed here) and
        myself. Please coordinate all real-time requests for text
        call-outs through us. The Communications WG will be coordinating
        internally through our own text group to verify info and
        corroborate prior to any SOS call-outs. We will plan on an
        initial call-out for help by noon tomorrow if the 9 pm rally is
        not cancelled, then report as absolutely necessary as the
        situation develops.

        Communications folks, any chance we can get a mostly factual
        sum-up of the decision to reject the city offer and some of the
        reasons why as a press release by sometime tomorrow am?
        Something that would not need consensus... The full statement
        won't be finalized until 8-9 pm, and there may be a need to
        control the message and the media spin during the day/evening
        news cycles, and bring clarity to exactly what transpired
        earlier tonight. I can help tomorrow early morning. Others,
        please let Comms know if you can help make this happen before noon.

        I'm relishing the opportunity to have our voices heard, and to
        bring renewed strength and clarity to this movement, no matter
        what happens tomorrow. Looking forward to brighter days ahead.

        Ki Won

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