[Noisebridge-discuss] Drunk, Belligerent and Crazy - Nightime @ Noisebridge!

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 Last night at noisebridge a man known as to me as Jay was inebriated and spilled beer on to my $ 3000 15in Macbook Pro. I made the decision to call the SFPD and file a report and have him removed from the space. I went down stair with Ramon to flag down the cops. During this time Alex Peak, Duncan and serval others attempted to verbally remove Jay from the space. He refused ?to do so. Duncan and I felt that it was unsafe to have this individual remain in the space- as he fairly new and seem to come here to drink and pass out. In addition all of the regulars were leaving for the night. As Alex and the others left, they spoke brief spoke with the police and relayed that they did not feel it was necessary ?for the police to come upstairs and remove this individual, nor did the police want to come upstairs. When an intoxicate individual refuses to leave the community does not have an effective way of dealing with the situation. Noisebridge is a great space. I have been coming here since May and have used this space to work, learn, ?create and network. ?Is it time to start The Ten Most Unwanted Wall? 

Very concerned, 


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