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Fountain Giving Life fountain11235 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 18:14:05 PDT 2012

Hi Noisebridge,

   I invented a special kind of wave guide for wave shaping Electrical
Transients.  I need a little help with the details of the Triode I'm using
to test it.

I am using a Russian Military GI7BT Microwave Triode.  When the Control
Grid is at 0V, the tube is all the way ON.  When the grid is at -60V, it is
all the way OFF.  Can anyone help me make a simple circuit to take my 0-9V
square wave pulse from my function generator, and turn it into a -60 to 0V
pulse to control the Triode?

I want to pulse it 100 times per second, with each pulse lasting 1 u-sec
(or less).  The GI7BT datasheet says it is good up to 9cm wavelength, and
can be operated in CW or pulse mode.

If you would like to help, please write to me at:

Fountain11235 at gmail.com

And I can send you more detailed schematics.  The device is like an
inside-out Tesla Coil.

Thank you,
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