[Noisebridge-discuss] cnc mill

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Apr 3 01:10:02 PDT 2012

yes please, bring what you have.  Pictures of the collet we have here:


unfortunately the collet we have is for 1/4" shank, we need 1/8" and 3/16" 
shank (they are the most common for the kind of work we'll be doing)


On Tue, 3 Apr 2012, Taylor Alexander wrote:

> So I totally didn't realize NB had a cnc mill (even if its old and cruddy),
> thats awesome.
> Does anyone know if that's like an ER32 collet or something?
> I might have an old banged up collet that we no longer need at my work.
> (that would still be fine for most stuff) Also do you have a need for old
> slightly chipped but still mostly good carbide end mills? We've got lots of
> those.
> I never make it up to NB but if anyone knows what you need I might be able
> to help donate some stuff.
> -Taylor
> On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 12:35 AM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>       The computer which goes with the CNC mill has been put back in
>       place, with
>       a monitor and keyboard and mouse.  It has also been cleaned of
>       dust with a
>       vacuum and air blower.
>       The CNC machine has been cleaned and freed of random bits of
>       trash.
>       BUT we are still missing some important things:  the fourth axis
>       which
>       looks like this (except with blue trim instead of black)
>       http://www.positiveflow.com/taig/taig4ax.jpg
>       also, much more importantly, we are missing the 1/8" collet.
>       It is necessary for holding bits which have a 1/8" shank.
>       Right now we only have the collet for 1/4" shank which is nearly
>       useless.
>       here is a picture of a 1/8" collet:
> http://store.a2zcorp.us/ProductDetailNP.asp?Cguid={FFC84CA8-8911-4090-81FC-
>       97BFB8042462}&ProductID=1219
>       UNFORTUNATELY i don't know if the above item (which is for sale)
>       is the
>       right part for our mill.  probably the company could tell us.
>       although maybe someone here knows where the 1/8" collet is,
>       perhaps it's
>       in a container with a bunch of mill bits?
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