[Noisebridge-discuss] Rooster watch, round 1 (documenting sleepers at NB)

Kaya firefaerie at psyreal.net
Thu Feb 2 18:53:27 PST 2012

We just need the right tech to address this problem.

Often roosters are not present to encourage alternate behavior.
Utilizing our vast pool of remotely connected volunteers we could enlist
virtual roosters by installing web cams throughout the space. The
doorman can be reconfigured or replicated to provide a blast of high
frequency noise with speakers in each section of the space. Through a
web page the space can observed and when sleepers identified a simple
button press emits gentle acoustic encouragement in that particular
section of the space. The system could eventually be supplemented with
robotics for a nerf launcher or squirt gun for those who are audibly
challenged or wearing ear plugs. Using facial recognition software we
can automatically identify and record individuals. This data can be
linked to a webpage that charts each trigger event.

If Cynthia's idea is vetted we could issue "Z-points" for work done
around the space. These Z-points would be displayed on the Virtual
Rooster web page. When the facial recognition software identifies a
sleeper it checks the Z-log to verify if they have earned enough Z's to
sleep undisturbed. If they have met the minimum threshold the system
stands down for a 6 hour period and Z-points are reduced by some amount
from their pool.

If we had this sort of thing I'd be on it often. What a great way to
start the day.


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