[Noisebridge-discuss] book scanner?

Jonathan Mayer jonathan.mayer at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 07:23:16 PDT 2012

Dear Noisy,

1. Does noisebridge already have a book scanner rig?
2. Would noisebridge like a book scanner rig?
3. Does noisebridge have a relatively glare-free place to keep a book
scanner rig for general use?
4. Do I like, seriously, need to epoxy my cameras to the rig, or are there
enough stalwart and trusty hackers around enough of the time that shit
won't get stolen?

Just wondering.  I'm only kind of half-assedly signing up to build one, as
soon as I finish building my boat for Camp Tipsy.  Just because I need one.
 And you probably do, too.

- Jonathan.
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