[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Night Crew: A fun uplifting read.

Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 09:31:40 PST 2012

This email is lengthy as are all of mine, but bare with me! :-)

FYI everyone I'm just going to keep up with communicating to everyone about
what's been going on at night around Noisebridge. I've moved a few things
around in the kitchen, but most of it is pretty straight forward and
shouldn't have harmed anyone (aka moving things off the top of or around
the fridge into an empty cabinet or throwing things in the fridge that have
gone bad away into the garbage bin etc.)

ALSO an awesome collaboration of 4 other Noisebridge night owls and myself
have collectively worked together to streamline the laborious process of
washing two industrial sized sinks full of dishes in less than 15 minutes.
We're in need of a bit of help from YOU the community in creating a
checklist of duties that the night crew could willingly perform but don't
necessarily have to, in order to keep the space more tidy upon leaving each
night, at least as far as the kitchen is concerned, one brick at a time...

We're also doing outreach to individuals who are personally experiencing
the struggles of being homeless and giving them legal info about Homes Not
Jails and other amazing organizations around the lovely city of San
Francisco. IMO, I feel that we need to tackle the sleeping issue by
preventing it from happening in the first place by giving these people
resources to find shelter and talk with them one on one and help them
individually. It is my opinion that it personally breaks my heart to see
great people depriving themselves of sleep which is naturally unproductive
to actual hacking because they have nowhere to go on a cold rainy night
like tonight... We have to show these people that although we consider
sleeping to be unexcellent, we also care and want to help them as a
community. I for one am asking for your help, and I can't do this alone. I
need all kinds of support. Preferably someone who's actually experienced
homelessness and could better relate with them.

Those of you who know of websites to go to and people to contact feel free
to contact me about putting that info into the HR binder. Also Ben is
working on measuring power levels to give a report to PG&E or something
important to saving the space a shitload of $$ or something IDK about all
the details or really care, I trust the guy, so I just put up more signs so
people won't nag him or the people involved with his awesome project...

Noisebridge is really coming together and I left with a huge smile on my
face because I honestly believe that. I was a little worried, but now my
faith has definitely been reinstated. The only thing that I really want to
stress is that I'd like to see more interaction with one another., myself
included. Meaning taking more time out of our day to go from working on our
own stuff to taking responsibility as a community to get things done
together without bickering. The only bad news I have to report is that poor
naughty Katherine didn't get to use her stun gun/cattle prod on the any of
the "Oogles" (it's growing on me) today, seeing as there weren't any. Sad
face :-( lol kidding!

Moral of my most recent post: If we as a community treat the space AND EACH
OTHER with more respect, more respectful people come in and be excellent to
one another and less disrespectful people show up and wreak havoc and
unexcellence. Simple as that.

Peace, and I love you all. Have a wonderful day.

-Justin Patrick Doerr.
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