[Noisebridge-discuss] speechjammer - we need one for meetings

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Mar 3 11:21:08 PST 2012

Robert Belknap writes:

> It's like when someone calls into a radio show, and forgets to turn
> their radio down in the background. They get confused as they begin
> talkingg and then hear their own voice come out of their speakers at a
> slight delay.
> Or when a cell phone echoes your voice back through your earpiece on a
> delay... (thanks for making me sound like a simpleton while on the
> phone to my wife, ATT)

The Exploratorium also had a demo of this effect.  When I tried it, it
made me stutter quite a bit, although I was able to keep speaking with
some effort (I tried making my speech more staccato, or focusing more
consciously on the individual words I wanted to articulate and the
process of articulating them).  I'm not convinced that this device could
really stop someone from speaking entirely, as opposed to making them
somewhat disfluent, which can be embarrassing in a public situation.

The Exploratorium's demo encouraged people to read aloud this text
from "The Walrus and the Carpenter":

   The sea was wet as wet could be,
   The sands were dry as dry.
   You could not see a cloud, because
   No cloud was in the sky:
   No birds were flying overhead —
   There were no birds to fly.

"Wet as wet" and "dry as dry" were particularly hard to say with the
delay.  It was natural to keep the repetition going, like "wet as wet
as wet".

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