[Noisebridge-discuss] BAHA meeting Sunday 11 Mar 2012 @ 1400 - Dynamic Firewall Daemon

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Bay Area (Hacker's Association|Security Enthusiasts) Meeting!

2nd Sunday of every month, 2pm, at Noisebridge, in the main area.

It lasts until it's over.

It's for people interested in security, not the more general "make
stuff" kind of hacking.

Date of Meeting:
2pm (1400), 11 Mar 2012

This month we present:

Your Truly


The Dynamic Firewall Daemon

I'll be presenting the Dynamic Firewall Daemon, a network security
tool which still hasn't quite been matched by anyone else in the
open-source community (to my knowledge).

It allows you to define the allowable run-time changes to your
firewall ruleset (change -> dynamic), and then change them at run-time
in a human-friendly way, save the state, and so on.

It's like the difference between writing a binary and typing to a
command shell.

It is the glue to port knocking, SPA, network scans, pflogin, and your
NIDS that you have been looking for.  It solves that "how do I
traceroute with packet scrubbing on?" problem.  It solves the "how do
I shun an IP for N seconds?" problem.  All in one, programmable,
flexible solution.  While remaining firewall-agnostic.

About the Author:

He's just this guy, you know?



2169 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth, Milky Way, Known Universe

Finding the space can be tricky; it has a red circular logo above the
otherwise inconspicuous door, and is next to a market that sells
fruit.  It is very close to 16th and Mission BART stop.  If you're
driving, leave 15-30 minutes extra to find parking due to the heavy
traffic around there, but you do not have to pay on Sundays.


If you would like to be a speaker, or know someone who would,
please let us know.

Our Site:


Includes google calendar (never miss another meeting), directions,
link to mailing list, etc.  Please check it out.
"But I'll be watching you, more compassionately than you know, and when
the time is right you'll find that I'm your friend" -- Ender's Game
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