[Noisebridge-discuss] meeting notes: 20120501: Ousting the Damn Commie Cynthia, thank you!

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Tue May 1 20:48:19 PDT 2012

Dear NBers,

OMG! Cynthia's talking about the Texas medical profession again! Will can't
stand it, and sought to help everybody by getting rid of her.

I know this will arrive too late to help Cynthia at tonight's meeting. But
if Noisebridge really sought to be help the community as it claims, let
some of you read this and discuss it at the meeting.

I know I can trust Rayc or Kelly to put the item up on the screen to make
it easier to read, and add it to the Meeting notes, to which I am now
submitting this.

He's totally disinterested, cuz he's not involved with Texas business at
all. Oh wait, now he says he is!

I think this new incident, provoked by Will, requires comment. So if you
can't handle a few more lines than in the usual NB-discuss item, well, the
lower playground awaits you. Those of us who care, will read it, and
consider what Will's action means for us.

So finally, when the police didn't agree to remove her with their muscle,
Cynthia agreed to leave on her own volition. Chalk up another victory for
Noisebridge do-acratic activism, *au* Will.

Apparently a lot of guys thought it was time to put Cynthia in her place.
Did you know one of the earnest Noisebridgers already accused her of being
a damn commie <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/85#Cynthia>? That was
on theapparently-defunct Noisebridge/wiki '85'
which if you're one of those who need elaborate codings spelled out for
you, means 85 = 86-1 ="We're only one rung short of trying to 86 her butt
from our choice spot."

Of course, he didn't say how or why she was a communist. He just indicated
she dug communists, or tried to fellate J-Stalin, or thought they were cool
or something.

It's where some of the NB earnest put up names of people they didn't like
and discussed why and how they might be able to get rid of them. Many of
the people listed here have, indeed, been removed from NB.

Eventually, somebody removed the "85" page from the NB wiki. That was
about, oh, 7 or 8 weeks ago. Most of the names on it, went up in the
preceding 2 months, largely against suspected Occupyers who were not
thought to be hacking hard enough.

The strongest accusations against Cynthia on the page seem to be that she
has "non-traditional" and "unusual" opinions. They admit that she does like
science, though.

You can view the "85" page in question right

Will's pretty clear that other people have given him the lowdown on stories
about Cynthia. Which is why he got some guys to come over and help him in
his ejection of her.

Notable quotes from Will:

(In response to Liz's comment (*"...and yet you haven't said why you asked
her to leave," *Will said:*) "*I find Cynthia annoying, but by itself
that's not enough; Jesse and I were both there when she came in, and we'd both
heard enough about stuff Cynthia had done that we felt comfortable making
the call."

So Cynthia came in, and you figured you could get rid of her, and then
you asked Jesse to help you do so. However, you don't say Cynthia did
at that time to warrant being asked to leave; you just thought it was
time to do it.

"I said (to the police, whom Will had called and who finally arrived
after about an hour and a half) I would sign for the citizens arrest

So, the reason Will offers us for this action is, both he *and *Jesse
had "heard enough about stuff Cynthia had done." It was this "stuff"
that made him feel "comfortable"

in "making the call."

Then he called the police.


 Using the "citizen's arrest order," with which I am sure every
regular citizen is familiar, is exactly how the San Francisco Catholic
Archdiocese just evicted some Occupiers who were squatting in one of
their long-unused buildings. The police told them the Occupyers would
stay unless they "sign for the "citizens arrest for trespassing." The
Archdiocese accomodated them and the police ejected the Occupyers.

   I'm familiar with the Citzen's arrest procedure, and am just as
eager to employ it on the bad guys as anybody. But the specific
language, now we gotta have "to sign *for* the
citizen's arrest order" indicates the use of our citizens power over
others here has reached an even higher level.

   To that we can only say, "Check Will S., signing for the Citizen's
Arrest Order for the police! Woohooo!"

More notable quotes:

Ronald Cotoni: "bout time".

Ever Falling: "It's all a conspiracy, Cynthia."

To Ever Falling: I guess since you're hiding behind a handle, it's
okay for you to direct contemptuous, provocative statements against a
person whom your cohorts
are trying to convince us, needs psychological help. I guess you're
only guilty of a lapse in judgment - because provoking people you
think are crazy is, of course, self-destructive, but I'm sure you
already know that.) But your insulting tone doesn't belong here, and I
wish you'd take it somewhere else.

Comment: It is common knowledge to those who know her, that Cynthia
objects to certain certain practices in the Texas medical profession
business). She has spent a lot of time
looking for representation to help her in her fight. I am not clear on
the details, but she has never communicated anything to me along these
other than a sincere desire to improve things for others. She doesn't
speak in hostile tones, or violently, about anyone.
That's more than can be said for the bulk of the people using discuss
to criticize Cynthia. In fact, I haven't seen such snide, hateful
directed at someone I know for  a long time.

Matt Joyce again, to Cynthia: "As a native Texan who has worked for
corporations involved in government work, I find your positions on medical
issues to be wholly irrelevant to my belief that you are in..." blah blah

Comment: Y'know Matt, the fact that you've worked for Texas coporations
with backroom government deals, really doesn't make a very convincing case
that you're unbiased in this issue. I just have a couple of questions for
you, sir.

Have you ever been in bed with a Texas business Titan?

Have you ever done business with anybody against whom Cynthia is taking
legal action? Have you talked with any of these business colleagues about

You say you're just concerned that Cynthia needs help that Noisebridge
can't provide. Cynthia, however, has not asked us for any of that kind of
help. Unless you're concealing something about your educational and social
background from the rest of us Noisebridgers, you are not a psychiatrist or
psychological professional. So you, a wanna be shrink, or making judgment
calls about people like Cynthia, to the point of calling the police, and
trying to enlist their support in kicking people you don't like out.

In closing, note that the police did not forcibly remove Cynthia. She left
voluntarily. Nor did they accept any "citizen's arrest order." It isn't
even clear, Matt, that they asked you to sign any such order. In fact, they
might have just as easily been thinking, *"Who the fuck is this egotistic
Texas-business-Titan-wannabe prick, and why is he using the SFPD to push
people around for him? I'm not getting paid for this shit! Fuck him!" *

Given how you chose to involve other people in your plan to remove Cynthia,
It's not clear that you care about calmly resolving thise issue to
everyone's satisfaction. Cynthia has publicly stated she requested our NB
mediation process. But you have decided to ignore this process and go
straight to trying to intimidate her into leaving.

Matt, it's clear you don't feel you want to go through the hassle of the
mediation process. You've decided it's time to just take matters into your
own hands and kick out people you don't like.

She indicates you don't respect her work with Tastebridge.

Also, Cynthia indicates she felt intimidated by the "three men" who
accosted her and demanded that she leave.

Being a colleague of Texas businesses involved with government work, I
guess it's hard for you to see how your approach might actually raise the
level of conflict and alarm in the situation, rather than reduce it and
peacefull resolve the issue. Oh wait, maybe it's not hard for you to see
that at all.

Ever Falling: If Will planned to 86 Cynthia, then he did, indeed, conspire
against her. If he's not planning to remove you, then he's not conspiring
against you. Do you understand? The more you try, the happier you will be.

I am not happy with the process used by these individuals to remove
Cynthia. Since I think her help with Tastebridge, and taking out the
recycling, is indeed a project, is indeed trying to help improve ways for
us to enjoy cooking, then it is indeed hacking, and is in fact a huge help
to us at NB,

No, I don't care to describe how open-minded I am about Will's actions. I'm
sure some will note how pro-Will I am and seek to criticize me for it, and
that kind of thing might hurt my feelings.

I must go. As you can tell from my profile foto, it is time for us legions
to consume Nazi brains.


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