[Noisebridge-discuss] As much as I think Cynthia is crazy, I still find the situation unethical and stupid.

Justin Doerr justinsfca at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 21:08:19 PDT 2012

1. I wasn't there but I can explain from my own conflict with RAYC, that I spoke with very good friends of mine who are lawyers and definitely are more attuned to the subject of law than anyone who attends Noisebridge. After ALL, my very good friend just graduated from Stanford, AKA the 3rd best school in the world for law!
She read my back and forth emails between RAYC and I, and she'll soon read the emails related to Cynthia's situation and I'm POSITIVE that she'll say the same thing she said before.
That is... 
GETTING THE POLICE INVOLVED IN A HACKERSPACE IS ONLY GOING TO DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD!!! When you call the po-pos they fill out reports in their little memo pads AND DOCUMENT THEM!!! 
That means that when you get the police involved more often, the likelihood of them wanting to probe an investigation on this place increases!!! TEN FOLD!!! THIS is supposed to be an ANARCHY Space not a "Oh let's call the police because we're a bunch of pussies" Space! The only time people should ever be calling the police is if someone has a deadly weapon or at least says that they have a deadly weapon, or threatens to kill someone. Otherwise, NOISEBRIDGE should be the one dealing with the situation at hand. NOT anyone else!!!!!
2. She's a commie sympathizer, O wow, then let's kick out Zephyr then.... (No offense Zephyr, I like you, but I'm just making a point here...)
3. Surrounding her or making her feel intimidated in any sort of way only makes the situation WORSE!!!
4. I'm putting on my wig now as we speak.... "LEAVE CYNTHIA ALONE!!! LEAVE. CYNTHIA. ALONE!!!!"

This is all bullshit!!!
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