[Noisebridge-discuss] fucking up noisebridge

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu May 3 15:21:12 PDT 2012

Say what you want about Cynthia not belonging at noisebridge; she wasn't 
here to hack, she could be annoying at times.

The fact is that the kicking out of cynthia has been a huge drama fest and 
makes noisebridge look bad.  I think it was not worth it.

My friend Stan who has been hacking since before most of us were born 
resembles cynthia in some ways;  an old person who enjoys talking and 
cooking more than hacking.  He is also the admin of the SPAZ server.  He 
comes to noisebridge and sometimes cooks gourmet food for everyone.

He has been involved and witness to MANY collectively run spaces, like the 
Cannery and Project One and a bunch we've never heard of.

And he says this is a BAD SIGN for noisebridge.

Let's pull out of this nose-dive.

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Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 15:01:36 -0700
From: Stan Osborne <stan at ana dot com>
Subject: NB craziness


If this is true, I can not justify supporting NB anymore.  I know 
everything she says about her behavior at NB and her general cleanliness 
is true.  She is an MD and has at least one science degree, so AFAIK there 
are many good reasons for her continued presence at NB.  Not being 
financially able to be a full member now seems to have saved me from 
regretting I gave them much, if any money.  IMHO her mental health was 
improving from contact at NB with healthy and intelligent people.

NB now is already falling into one of those collectives where a few
evil people are working to drive out the rest.  Many collectives
have withered and failed for reasons such as this incident.

Is there any documentation showing exactly who ganged up on her?


  | To: Stan Osborne <stan at ana.com>
  | From: cynthia lee <cynthia.jeanne.lee at gmail.com>
  | Subject: Re: when u gonna show?
  | Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 13:52:57 -0700
  | Stan, You must not have a current source there...i was kicked out of
  | Noisebridge by a band of vigilantes who called the police to say i was
  | trespassing and disruptive (apparently for coming in and cleaning up after
  | them!) because they really had no substantive complaint (a vague that I am
  | smelly, messy, and, get this...loud) they are so vague on the complaints
  | that it is suspicious for made -up stuff
  | I can't be there tomorrow but would like to run into you anyway. I can
  | check Internet tomorrow AM and if there is another location I can see u at,
  | let me know
  | thank you for all the assistance and friendliness u have shown me
  | --
  | Cynthia Jeanne Lee MD
  | http://cynthiajeanneleemd.wordpress.com

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