[Noisebridge-discuss] Doorbell fixed, computer gate control and keypad need some love.

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri May 4 00:10:50 PDT 2012

Are you sure that the gate buzzer is not being kept buzzed by the doorbell 
system, which you just worked on?

The two ways the buzzer can be activated are the doorbell system (the DOOR 
button by the top of the stairs), and the computer called minotaur.

If the payphone does not make any sounds other than short beeps when keys 
are pressed, it is an indication that the computer's keypad server is not 
running properly.  It should send the payphone the command for a longer 
beep or buzz after a wrong code or a timeout on an incomplete code.

However, you did just work with the wires for the doorbell/buzzer system.
So I am not betting on which system is causing the buzzer to be stuck.

But it should be easy to restart the computer daemon that runs the 



Asheem Linaval wrote:
Buzzer buttons have been reinstalled, and the doorbell functions normally.

Unrelated, but noticed in the course of testing:

    - It appears that the computer gate control is failing in such a way
    that the gate gets stuck open/buzzing (bizarrely, pressing a doorbell
    button seems to stop it).
    - Keypad is malfunctioning. Unsure what to make of this. It beeps on
    keypress, but not much else.

That's all.

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