[Noisebridge-discuss] Webmakers kick-off at Noisebridge: Sunday June 24th, 15:00

Tom noisebridge at flamsmark.com
Fri May 25 12:21:24 PDT 2012

Bring your laptop and your brain, because we're going going to get started
with the power of the web. We're kicking off Mozilla's Summer Web Party for
Webmakers with a weekend of code around SF, and Noisebridge is a #1
location. Learn about the Webmakers project and the Summer Code party,
discover the power of the web, and see how you can put your frontend web
development skills to good use!

If you're new to the web come by to get started and learn. If you're
already an HTML5 ninja, help others out. We'll be showing inspirational
videos, helping folks get started, and giving out inspirational projects to
work on.
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