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Thought someone out there might be interested in, or know someone else
interested in, a distilled account of a successful dual-boot install of
Crunchbang Linux on a disk with an existing OS X Lion install, using the
system EFI partition directly without the mediation of rEFIt or rEFInd.

Two weeks ago I did not know what EFI was, really. :)
I think I know a little bit more about it now.

The story is long and aimed at Linux dilettantes such as myself, who are
adventurous but unschooled. I put in more details than many Linux geeks
might need, hoping that assembling the results of several googles would
save someone else time.

But so rather than clog up your inbox with it, I invite you to take a look


Comments are welcome, but please be kind. I'm just a humanities nerd with a
technological itch, and I make no claims as to knowledge or method in any
field whatsoever.


Erik JM Schneider

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