[Noisebridge-discuss] State of Growing Slightly More Calm NoisePledge (Part 5? I forget)

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Tue Apr 2 03:20:02 UTC 2013

Okay, I'm going try to pull together some less handwavy stats for
tomorrow's meeting, but I thought I'd check in with everyone on
nb-discuss and give some rough estimates before that.

In summary, I can now say we're not going away in July or at least not
due to poverty. I'm almost certain we're will soon be income positive
(ie thanks to the boost of our saviour subscriptions + pledges, we now
bring in more than we spend in an average month), and I'm beginning to
see the possibility of us slowly clawing back to the point where we will
get back to our safety reserve of three months expenses.

The fundraiser was AMAZING. James Sundquist pulled together an amazing
day. Your noisebridging gang-of-treasurers plus friends ran the
donations stall at the front door, with MC Hawking as enforcer from
12PM-11PM. That plus the raffle, T-shirt sales, donation bins
everywhere, and a million conversations with saviours dropping into see
how things were going, meant that we (ballpark estimate) pulled in:


That's a pretty big deal because apart from being more money than I've
ever seen in my life, it's also money that we can use to up our account
from where we could easily be wiped out by a random event, to the $18K
safety reserve we should be at. Right now we're at about $14595 in the
bank, which is a much more comfortable place to be than we were just a
week ago.

We also now have $2070 of new Paypal subscriptions from 158 people, and
$1409 of pledged regular donations from 99 people, and around $1300 of
pledged one-off payments from 20 or so people.  So it's looking good.

I'm not going to really start breathing until I've converted the $1409
pledges into real money, though. Also when all of these rough numbers
actually add up together. Also, I need to send thankyous to all our new
subscribers and donors, and shower them with love.

For these bureacratic and emotional tasks, I'm going to call upon the
new Gang of Treasurers, which now include me, Liz Henry, Ken Haggerty,
Tom and possibly you, if you'd like to offer to help. Possibly offer
*again*, because I have not remembered all of the many offers of help.
Send offer again! 

I'd particularly like to ask for folks who are good webscrapers, so we
can at least automate some of the reporting requirements, and download
our accounts on a regular basis for reconciliation.

Yes, I know, I'm all take take take. But you guys are so give give give!
I do believe Noisebridge is now in a co-dependent relationship with the
most of the hacking universe.

I also know I said I'd have a surprise after the weekend, and would like to
point out that it's technically still after the weekend, so the surprise
is that I'll tell you later.

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