[Noisebridge-discuss] Interest check: HDL/FPGA for noobs class?

D J Capelis mail at capelis.dj
Tue Apr 2 06:48:42 UTC 2013

I'm starting a project where I'm hacking up an OpenSPARC T1 core and
gearing up to sling verilog around to make the modifications I'll need.
I'm not sure whether that'd fit well with what you had in mind.
(Especially since I'm assuming I'm probably using a different toolchain
than you'd want to base a NB class on.  EDA software availability is pretty
unfortunate and EDA software as a whole is just a minefield of all kinds of
nuts concerns.  What toolchain where you thinking of using?  Xilinx webpack
or something?  Is there an OSS HDL EDA program out there somewhere that's
functional and would be good to base a class and workflow around?)

My current experience with FPGAs is limited, but that's going to change
quickly either the hard way or the easy way and it'd be fun to keep in
touch with some folks.  I'm in SF... some of the week.

Okay, I'm like not the most reliable person for any of this, but hey here's
some interest and maybe if it keeps up it'll pay dividends. :)

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