[Noisebridge-discuss] State of Growing Slightly More Calm NoisePledge (Part 5? I forget)

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Tue Apr 2 07:52:02 UTC 2013

I'd like to learn about treasuring, and I am good with web-scraping and API

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 8:20 PM, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:

> Okay, I'm going try to pull together some less handwavy stats for
> tomorrow's meeting, but I thought I'd check in with everyone on
> nb-discuss and give some rough estimates before that.
> In summary, I can now say we're not going away in July or at least not
> due to poverty. I'm almost certain we're will soon be income positive
> (ie thanks to the boost of our saviour subscriptions + pledges, we now
> bring in more than we spend in an average month), and I'm beginning to
> see the possibility of us slowly clawing back to the point where we will
> get back to our safety reserve of three months expenses.
> The fundraiser was AMAZING. James Sundquist pulled together an amazing
> day. Your noisebridging gang-of-treasurers plus friends ran the
> donations stall at the front door, with MC Hawking as enforcer from
> 12PM-11PM. That plus the raffle, T-shirt sales, donation bins
> everywhere, and a million conversations with saviours dropping into see
> how things were going, meant that we (ballpark estimate) pulled in:
> (drumroll)
> $5238!!!one!
> That's a pretty big deal because apart from being more money than I've
> ever seen in my life, it's also money that we can use to up our account
> from where we could easily be wiped out by a random event, to the $18K
> safety reserve we should be at. Right now we're at about $14595 in the
> bank, which is a much more comfortable place to be than we were just a
> week ago.
> We also now have $2070 of new Paypal subscriptions from 158 people, and
> $1409 of pledged regular donations from 99 people, and around $1300 of
> pledged one-off payments from 20 or so people.  So it's looking good.
> I'm not going to really start breathing until I've converted the $1409
> pledges into real money, though. Also when all of these rough numbers
> actually add up together. Also, I need to send thankyous to all our new
> subscribers and donors, and shower them with love.
> For these bureacratic and emotional tasks, I'm going to call upon the
> new Gang of Treasurers, which now include me, Liz Henry, Ken Haggerty,
> Tom and possibly you, if you'd like to offer to help. Possibly offer
> *again*, because I have not remembered all of the many offers of help.
> Send offer again!
> I'd particularly like to ask for folks who are good webscrapers, so we
> can at least automate some of the reporting requirements, and download
> our accounts on a regular basis for reconciliation.
> Yes, I know, I'm all take take take. But you guys are so give give give!
> I do believe Noisebridge is now in a co-dependent relationship with the
> most of the hacking universe.
> d.
> PS
> I also know I said I'd have a surprise after the weekend, and would like to
> point out that it's technically still after the weekend, so the surprise
> is that I'll tell you later.
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