[Noisebridge-discuss] Alert for small businesses and small web-hosts

Mitchel McAllister xonimmortal at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 3 00:50:28 UTC 2013

I just heard from my website administrator. It seems that a lot of small business websites/email accounts are getting spammed by "web.com" (http://whois.domaintools.com/web.com). He's already added it to our block list, but thought I'd give you all a head's-up.

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Subject: Update Your Email Account
From:    "Admin" <Admin1 at web.com>
Date:    Mon, April 1, 2013 3:59 pm
To:      undisclosed-recipients:;
> Dear Subscriber,
> Your e-mail account may be frozen as a result
> of unusual activity.
> We have noticed that your email account needs to be verified,
> as we are upgrading our webmail database. 
>           Click Here to Verify Your E-mail   Account
> Please   do this so that your email account can be upgraded and
> protected from being closed. Your immediate response is highly needed.
> We appreciate your time and     assistance!
>             Sincerely         © 2013 Email Support. .

- Reverend Mik McAllister
Purveyor of Subversive Fiction

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