[Noisebridge-discuss] P2P distributed encrypted file sharing grid for Noisebridge

Tony Arcieri tony.arcieri at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 03:22:05 UTC 2013

Hi there! You may or may not know it, but there's a weekly meeting at
Noisebridge (Thursdays @ 7PM) for people who hack on this project:


tl;dr: Noisebridge for your data! Several people can provide storage and
bandwidth, others can use it like a P2P swarming filesystem.

In Tahoe nomenclature, Noisebridge could create a "friendgrid" that
everyone could share. Data is encrypted to keep it confidential, and
erasure coded in case many, many nodes go down, because we all know people
are flaky. If a bunch of people flake out, data can be repaired so there
are a "healthy" number of replicas of any given bit of data.

Best of all, Tahoe provides a capability-based access control system, so
that you can have a canonical repository for certain types of stuff (e.g.
the 2600 back catalog, or scanned issues of Mondo 2000) curated by people
who know what the fuck they're doing, that any random asshole can't shit
all over. If only the Noisebridge member shelves worked that way! There's
also an accounting system built into the latest version, another problem
area for Noisebridge methinks? ;)

So yeah, you can have anarchy, and you can have order too. Seems good?
Anyone up for creating a Noisebridge "Friendgrid"?

Tony Arcieri
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