[Noisebridge-discuss] machine learning needs fresh blood!

Mike Schachter mschachter at eigenminds.com
Wed Apr 3 22:36:53 UTC 2013

Hey everyone! For years we've had a reasonably excellent machine learning
meetup group, as evidenced by our equally excellent wiki page:


The people who have been leading the classes and meetups have gotten old
and busy, and the meetup group needs some fresh minds to re-invigorate the

Consider doing something! If you work with data, mathematics, statistics,
science, robotics, computer vision, scatology, or whatever, why not come in
some time and talk about your stuff!?!

Do-ocratically pencil yourself in on the wiki and announce your intentions
on the mailing list, and leave the rest to whoever-the-fuck shows up! I've
had some really great experiences giving talks and Noisebridge over the
years, you will not be disappointed. The Church room has a projector, a
whiteboard, and enough desks/chairs to support literally one billion eager

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