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Thu Aug 1 17:51:50 UTC 2013

How run ones personal mail server through MetroPCS service?

Contents:  1)  Scenario   2)  Configuration   3)  Links
   4)  Your helpful thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

===  1)  SCENARIO:
1)  Metropcs 4g LTE high speed unlimited data service $60/ month.

2)  Android phone such as LG MS840, Android 2.3.6, 
  Kernel lge at android-build #1,
  Build # GRK39F,  SW version MS840ZVA, HW version Rev 1.0,
or 2b)  Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy S 4.
  Perhaps running Replicant
2.1) "WiFi Tether" ap.

3)  Lenovo android tablet, Android ver 3.2.1, kernel, 
  (Or perhaps using a more recent android version, etc.)
  connecting through wifi or usb to Android phone to Metropcs to

4)  Laptop computer running KUbunu  12.04 LTS.

5)  Any other hw/sw necessary or preferable.

===   2)  CONFIGURATION,   I'm guessing:
1)  Need a system with an IP address on the internet to act as a router 
1b) for _other_ peoples' / entities' transmitting mail servers to
connect to when sending mail to me,
1c) to enable my email server  (on my side of the phone) to rx/tx data,
1d) through https through a presumed Metropcs firewall.

2)  Mail server sw running on the tablet or laptop,
2b) because the phone must be presumed to be a hostile man in the middle

3)  I must transmit with every email message my mail servers' public pgp

What are my mail server sw options?

===   3)  LINKS:

===   4)  Your helpful thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks.  :)

Your helpful thoughts and suggestions?

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