[Noisebridge-discuss] Final details of proceeds from August 10th fundraiser

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 21:44:42 UTC 2013

I've made a decision: Noisebridge will take 62% of the funds and I'm
splitting 38% of the remaining funds from August 10th between the
performers, workshop teachers, sound-techs, and chefs (22 different
groups).  To keep people helping us at future fundraisers, let alone
performing at such a high quality, we should cover their costs and
hopefully offer them a very modest bonus.  The last fundraiser was a huge
success, but I did hear it cost many parties involved money due to parking,
gas, bridge tolls, etc.  Any party, at their own discretion, is welcome to
give their proceeds back to Noisebridge.  There are currently more than
twice the scheduled participants of our last fundraiser.  This is already a
win for the Noisebridge community, so let's make it a win for everyone
listed below:

Vegan Hackers SF
Diamond Dave & Rain
Thunderground Collective
Sound Good Sound
Carl & Beatrice
Free Reed Society
DJ Nobody
David Gborie
Eloisa Bravo
Brian Fields
Fruit Helmet
Douglas Brenner
Caroline Margeoux & Rayc
Mock Church
Pinched Nerve
Pet the Tiger
Jeremy Hatch
dinnerwiththekids (DWTK)
The Majors
Dull Richards
Half Human Quartet
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