[Noisebridge-discuss] Projects I'm working on right now

Nicholas LoCicero nick.locicero at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 19:22:16 UTC 2013

Hey, anyone want to help me with these?

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog App
          Allow local mission street vendors a way to connect with
smartphone users to announce locations via maps realtime.  Allow consumers
to locate bacon wrapped hotdogs very quickly.  Allow consumers to find
local food trucks.

Guantanamo Bangman
          A modern day hangman game that takes place in Guantanamo prison.

Noisebridge Jelli Radio Station
          Crowdsourcing what to play next on the radio and want to
broadcast it from NB.  The idea for this came from all the music I keep
hearing here lately.  It would be cool if people in the space could vote no
songs collectively to play....

Some more, but if anyone is down to help with these, it would be cool!

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