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Sun Aug 4 23:09:45 UTC 2013

Hi everyone

I just initiated a Noisebridge Spoken Word Project. As Docent, i 
conducted five short audio interviews with people in the space. I asked 
them what they are doing in the space, etc. Here are the two I've edited 
so far:


These can be a way to get a warm, human impression of who's in the space 
and why, and/or for anybody's future documentary, and/or part of NB 
archives, and/or as a way to hold certain people accountable for certain 
things, and/or a clever way to expose people who are exploiting NB.

It's also really fun, and a nice way to make friends! I hope and suggest 
others do more of these.


  * The idea is to aim for a _one-to-two minute _interview.
  * It's not a criminal investigation. It's a fun conversation.
  * Approach people you feel like interviewing. Ask them if they are
    willing to do a two-minute, totally optional interview. Giving their
    real name is also optional.
  * Find a quiet place, keep the microphone close to their mouth, don't
    overload your meters.
  * Keep your questions visible, if you need help remembering. The
    format is loose, but the questions i recommend are these. (I did not
    ask all questions in every interview, and that's fine.)
      o "This interview will be one to two minutes long. It is optional
        and voluntary. I will erase any part of this interview that you
        request. Please keep your answers brief.
      o "Do i have your permission to edit, share, and reuse this
        recording without limitation, as long your words are not
      o "How did you find out about Noisebridge?
      o "What is the purpose of Noisebridge, or Why was Noisebridge created?
      o "What project are you working on, or what's your next project
        going to be?
      o "Which Noisebridge resources are you using, or do you plan to
        use in the future?
      o "How did you get access to the space?
      o "What's your name? (optional)
  * Keep it brief! Don't be shy about asking them to keep their answers
      o "I need to stop you there."
      o "In one sentence, please tell me...."
  * Gear you need:
      o _Audio Recorder: _A computer with a simple sound recorder (built
        into Windows and Mac, prolly Linux too) or a digital audio
        recording device of any kind, any quality.
      o _A microphone, _external or use the one built into your computer
        or device
      o _Optional: an audio editor. _If you keep your interviews short,
        this is not so necessary. You can trim out the mistakes and
        off-topic chatter. If you're advanced and a perfectionist, you
        can add music, do noise-reduction, do fades, accelerate playback
        speed (to shorten listening time, i used 1.5x) etc. I use the
        advanced and powerful Reaper editor (much better than Audacity,
          + Some simple cutters for Windows (i have not tested these):
              # http://free-mp3-cutter-and-editor.en.softonic.com/ (1 MB)
              # http://free-wma-cutter-and-editor.en.softonic.com/ (780 KB)
              # http://shuangzsoft-audio-editor.en.softonic.com/ (800 KB)
          + Full-featured editor:
              # http://www.cockos.com/reaper/ (7 MB)
  * Upload your interviews to your pony space, soundcloud, internet
    archive, etc, etc.
  * Share your link with Discuss.

Johny Radio

Stick It In Your Ear!

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