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Mon Aug 5 21:47:52 UTC 2013

I agree with everyone here, patriarchy hurts everyone, and we must be 
conscious of how it affects each of us and others. Here is a lyric poem 
which inspired me in this struggle when I was a little boy: 

I apologize if my original reply on this Discussion topic has distracted 
from the original one about hosting feminist films at NB. Lupita's and 
Rachel's comments about the impossiblity of "male feminists!" brought 
Romy's original proposal for "Happy Feminist Night" at NB around to the 
actual themes which move us forward.

Seemingly negative responses to the mention of male feminists are also 
very heartening and empowering for everyone, given how they prove that 
the responders have all but defeated patriarchy on an Internet forum. 
And the courageous refusal to engage with the idea of patriarchy as part 
of "socio-economic oppression," or capitalism, only further demonstrates 
the balls-out/power /on display here.

Let /corporatista/sell-outs and trolls beware, we're actually building a 
better world here, empowering people and oppressing nobody with personal 
attacks and insults.

It's encouraging also, because it means nobody's boorish or oppressive 
comments, here or anywhere else, will cause anyone to chicken out of 
holding "Happy Feminist Night" at Noisebridge.

If you want an even better, more on-point discussion of feminism, let's 
remember we can explore it in other venues too, including outside of a 
(possibly /machista/-oriented, uncomfortable-in-social-situations) 
techie forum. We started out, after all, by talking about something very 
social, that is, hosting feminist movies, and Nbridgers deserve to see 
them, quite apart from any /machista/ posturing of any stripe.

/¡Viva el feminismo!


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Lupita Berries
/Wed Jul 31 17:59:55 UTC 2013/

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I am very supportive of reclaiming the word douche.

Douche is a very appropriate word to use in this context.

/like many
/>/  men-within-patriarchy, he is blind to the ways in which his focus on
/>/  himself (within a conversation that was explicitly not about him) and his
/>/  own beliefs (presented as fact) is making him come across as a total
/>/  douchenozzle//...
  />/  Yeah, I think as a feminist I have reclaimed the word douche.
/>/  R./


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