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maestro maestro415 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 00:51:53 UTC 2013

there are some folks seeking CISCO specific hardware for some upcoming

simply putting this here as there may be those that have some in a
closet/storage/under the bed...

i have not Cc'd RACK-list since it is meant to be kept to specific issues
with, well, the RACK(s).

preferably, the seekers of this hardware hope for the donated variety which
will be kept by the space (NB) but they are  willing to dust off the wallet
if abosolutely necessary.

CISCO routers (3)
series  2611 or 2621

CISCO switches(3)
2950 only

power cords
console cables
serial cables
(included will be great and search of bins will take place as well)

thanks for any donations or references to therein

(there was a similar, more general post sent to RACK by someone new to the
space, this will be main thread)

message ends

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