[Noisebridge-discuss] Having an event

Josh Alexander listservs at egomagick.com
Wed Aug 7 19:48:18 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

I found noisebridge searching for a venue to have a small 
educational/community event (about 25-30 people).

It looks like you folks are up to something amazing. Having trouble 
fathoming how I might go about having this event at your place though.

Would any members be willing to help guide me on this?

The event is a Q&A session on Peruvian shamanism with a practicing 
elder + community meet n greet. It's an opportunity for people to meet 
some of the folks in the Bay Area community around this work, ask their 
questions, and learn about the gifts indigenous wisdom has for the 
modern world.
We want to have it Tues 8/13 7:00pm-10:00pm

Really appreciate that you folks are here, doing what you do, and hope 
to hear from some of you on this.


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