[Noisebridge-discuss] today's noon sleephackers

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Aug 9 20:52:26 UTC 2013

Nicholas, I think it is unfair to say, "noone is doing anything about 
it".  First, lots of people are doing things, but since there is not a 
full consensus about what the problem is nor what is best to do about 
it, sometimes these things counteract each other (e.g. the sleeping 
pods) so it's often hard to see.  Also, the problem (broadly defined as 
non-hackers doing stuff that impedes hacking) is a hard one to solve, as 
it is not obvious how to a) identify non-hackers nor how to b) either 
make them into hackers or encourage them to not-hack elsewhere.

Second, if you want changes to happen, please please please make them 
happen yourself!  You have heard, endlessly, about "doocracy".  It is 
really a thing.  That is really how shit gets done at NB.  Yeah, not a 
lot of shit gets done, and some things that everyone agrees would be 
nice to happen, don't, but that's only because nobody has stepped up to 
actually do them.  You could do them, you know.  (You too, everyone else 
who is reading this.)

Daniel, regarding the donation box: it was stolen some time back 
according to an earlier thread.  I'm in process of making a new, heavy 
and sturdy steel one, but it will take me another week or so.  Anyone 
who wants to provide one in the meantime, feel free.


On 8/9/13 1:44 PM, Nicholas LoCicero wrote:
> Fair enough. I do think a lot of changes at noisebridge need to be made,
> but nothing is enforceable. Sooo, idk. It's just annoying to keep
> hearing the same problem and no one is doing anything about it. I agree
> it's a problem that detracts from other peoples use of the space. I took
> the picture joke too sensitively. It's friday, be happy!
> I do love noisebridge and am upset nothing changes accept the slow,
> entropic demise of the space.
> On Aug 9, 2013 1:35 PM, "Daniel Kelly" <arrays.tostring at gmail.com
> <mailto:arrays.tostring at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Nicholas, I carefully excluded clear pictures of anyone's face from
>     the photos I posted.
>     I wouldn't want to accidentally leak the identity of a Noisebridge
>     bunk bed crasher or couch sleeper.
>     That could be anyone in the bunk beds.  If it was a couple of body
>     pillows
>     plus animated mannequin heads, I apologize.  Excellent hack.
>     ok snarkiness off.  I'm sorry for being rude. There's a huge bunch
>     of homeless guys camping in noisebridge again.
>     In an unrelated item, I wanted to drop off my traditional $10
>     donation of whenever I walk through the door of 2169 Mission, but I
>     couldn't find the donation box.
>     Have a nice day (really).
>     On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 1:23 PM, Rachel McConnell <rachel at xtreme.com
>     <mailto:rachel at xtreme.com>> wrote:
>         Rules?  What rules?  We have *one* guideline: Be excellent to
>         each other.
>         It is of course a matter of debate whether the following are
>         excellent, or which is less excellent:
>         * sleeping at NB
>         * photographing sleepers at NB
>         Rachel1.0
>         On 8/9/13 12:54 PM, Nicholas LoCicero wrote:
>             I wish you'd do something interesting with your time in the
>             space.
>             Instead you break the rules photographing people without
>             their consent.
>             The guy in camo pants fell asleep reading about calculus and
>             actually
>             understands java really well.
>             Please attend the next meeting, Daniel. I'm not sure you
>             understand the
>             rules of this place.
>             On Aug 9, 2013 12:13 PM, "Daniel Kelly"
>             <arrays.tostring at gmail.com <mailto:arrays.tostring at gmail.com>
>             <mailto:arrays.tostring at gmail.__com
>             <mailto:arrays.tostring at gmail.com>>> wrote:
>                  They look so peaceful
>             http://imgur.com/a/UDB1M#__fVTplDL
>             <http://imgur.com/a/UDB1M#fVTplDL>
>             http://imgur.com/a/UDB1M#__JdP9laC
>             <http://imgur.com/a/UDB1M#JdP9laC>
>                  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz__zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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