[Noisebridge-discuss] climbing up the fire escape to get into noisebridge

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Aug 10 05:42:07 UTC 2013


I heard you were climbing up the wall outside the building to get into 
noisebridge.  This is unexcellent.  Please do not do it again.

I will provide you with your own door code (like many people have) so you 
can get in by typing your code into the payphone.  Please email me with a 
number at least seven digits, and i will put that in as your code.

If you want to climb, there is a gym on 17th street a mile east which has 
very high walls and climbing safety equipment.  You can also go out into 
nature to climb.

You can also feel free to climb any building you want as far as i'm 
concerned, EXCEPT for 2169 mission where noisebridge is.  I am 
specifically asking you not to climb that building and i'm sure all of the 
noisebridge membership will agree with me that it is prohibited.

If you are opposed to using a code to get into noisebridge you can ask 
someone for a physical key, which will work even if the computers are 
down.  But no more climbing the building.

Thank you,

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