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Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces


Newsletter #1

August 2013

 Bay Area Hackerspace Roundtable

BACH is a loosely-organized association of hackerspaces in the San
Francisco Bay Area. BACH strives to be very thin, with almost no over-head.
We exist to help member spaces coordinate, communicate, and collaborate.
Above all, we support the Bay Area hackerspace community's existent
inter-dependence and resilience. Learn more and find notes on past
roundtables at hackerspaces.org<http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Bay_Area_Consortium_of_Hackerspaces/>

Our next BACH Roundtable will be in September (date TBD) at LOL [Liberating
Ourselves Locally], a people-of-color-led, gender-balanced makerspace in
East Oakland. Subscribe<https://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/bayareahackerspaces>to
the mailing list and stay tuned for an announcement with date, time,

Upcoming Events Across the Bay



   CakeFest (CakePHP), Aug 29-Sept 1, online and in San Francisco

   Disability Awareness Night 2013, Aug 16, San Jose Giants Stadium

   Bay Area Homebrew Festival, Aug 24, Fort Mason Ctr



   SynBioBeta SF <http://synbiobeta.com/sf2013/>, November 15th at the
   Mission Conference Center, 7am-7pm.



   Bay Area Drupal Camp 2013, October 24-27, Berkeley

   Responsive Design Studio, October 15-16, Mountain View

   Design Hacking, 14 Nov, and Finance Hacking, 8 Oct, Hacker Dojo,
   Mountain View

August Updates:

Hackermoms is closed for August. http://mothership.hackermoms.org/calendar/

San Leandro Coworking and HayHackers are exploring the idea of combining
forces to represent the middle and south side east bay. At some later point
we can divide and spread across the land, helping to reach our Fremont
hackers closer to where they live.

Ace Monster Toys


   3D Printing, every other Wednesday @ 7:30pm (August 14, 28)

   Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Microcontrollers, alternating Wednesdays @ 7pm
   (August 7, 21)

   Assemble 3D Printers, alternating Wednesdays @ 7:30pm (August 14, 28)

   Sewing & Textiles Open Lab, every other Tuesday @ 7pm (August 13, 27)

   General Meeting / Open House, every Thursday @ 7:30pm

   CNC Router Introduction, Tuesday, August 13th @ 7pm

   Learn to Use a 3D Printer, Wednesday, August 14th @ 7pm

   Hacker Scouts Open Lab, Sunday, September 1st @ 2pm

Counter Culture Labs



   Open Bioinformatics: Exploring the
   Sunday, August 11th @ 7pm @ Sudo Room

   Weekly Working
   every Wednesday @ 6pm @ Ahnon’s

   Monthly General Meeting, Last Fridays @ 6pm @ Sudo Room

Hacker Dojo


   The 12 Tasks of Hercules: Robot hacking every Saturday @ 1:30pm

   Laptop Music Production Workshop, Tuesday, August 13th @ 7pm

   SVSC - Quantum Computing Discussion
   Friday, August 16th @ 5pm

   Repair Cafe Mountain View, Sunday, August 18th, 10am-5pm

   Linux Virtualization Workshop, Monday, August 19th @ 7pm

   Internet of Things Silicon Valley Meetup, Tuesday, August 20th @ 6pm

   Cooking For Hackers: Steak And Red
   Wednesday, August 21st @ 6:30pm

   Spokenvote - Rails for Charity Hack
   Sunday, August 25th @ 6pm

   Execution Models & Architectures for Big Data Cloud Computing &
   Monday, August 26th @ 7pm

   HTML5 Game Development Study Group: Tuesday, August 13th, Tuesday,
   August 20th, and Monday, August 26th @ 6pm



   LOL Open Hack Night: Decolonizing Technology every Monday starting @ 7pm

   How We Move: Urban dance class on Sunday, August 18th starting at noon

   Construction Class every Saturday starting @ 1pm

   Resilient Communities Legal Cafe, a non-profit legal advice clinic
   hosted by the Sustainable Economies Law Center, every First Thursday
   starting @ 4:30pm

Marin Makers



   Planning for the Mini Maker Faire, Tuesday, August 20th @ 6:30pm

   Monthly General Meeting, every First Tuesday @ 6:30pm

   Even more planning for the Mini Maker Faire, Tuesday, September 10th @



   Special event: Saturday, August 10, 16:00:
   Noisebridge "______ the Bridge"
   a summer fundraising party for Noisebridge


   Circuit Hacking Monday, every Monday @ 7:30pm

   Frontend Web Development, every Monday @ 8pm

   Gamebridge Unityversity, every Monday @ 7pm

   Noisebridge Weekly Meeting, every Tuesday @ 7pm

   Five Minutes of Fame, every Third Thursday @ 8pm

   BAHA - Bay Area Hacker’s Association security meetup, Second Sundays @

   Tastebridge / Vegan Hacker monthly food hacking, Last Thursdays @ 7pm

   Post-Waste Nexus every Thursday except for 3rd Thursdays @ 7pm

   3D Thursdays (3D Printing & Fabrication) every Thursday except for 3rd
   Thursdays @ 7pm

Sudo Room


   Today I Learned is a series of one-off classes and workshops, every
   Saturday from 2-5pm. Check https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Today_I_Learned for
   the full schedule!

   Sudo Kids every Tuesday, starting at 5pm.

   Microcontroller Hacking Night every other Tuesday @ 7pm [August 13, 27]

   Python and Javascript meetups every Thursday @ 7pm

   Oakland Wiki meeting every Thursday @ 7pm

   Oakland Mesh Network hack nights every Thursday @ 8:30pm

   Cryptoparty / Digital Security Workshop every Third Sunday starting @ 2pm

   POSSE [Potluck Orientation Skill-share Swap-meet Event] Party every
   Third Friday from 6-9pm

   General Meeting and Potluck every Wednesday @ 7pm

   Most Awesome Guacamole Fest Fundraiser (TBD in August)

Awesome projects happening in various hackerspaces:

Ace Monster Toys


   We crowdfunded a brand new CNC Metal Mill, for fabricating custom parts
   from solid blocks of metal. http://on.fb.me/11v5B32

   Stefan is making his own bow for archery: http://on.fb.me/1coYygL

   Humanoid robot made from 16 servos: http://on.fb.me/19xOOBe

   Fabricating custom PCBs (circuit boards) using the desktop CNC router:

   3D scanning and then 3D printing ourselves: http://on.fb.me/167AM45

   Lasercutting leather goods: http://on.fb.me/15c4VTc

   Tesla Coils! http://on.fb.me/17iUWHn

Counter Culture Labs


   Glowing algae bioart is currently in ideation stage!

   The Desktop Biolab <http://desktopbiolab.org> is a project to create a
   low-cost desktop biotech lab to help citizen scientists do genetic
   engineering at home.

   A fork of the community education space, Berkeley Biolabs is to be a
   biotech incubator for therapeutics-based clinical research.



   Excellent LED hacking projects combining electronics and arduino! A
   skill-share event took place last Tuesday, August 6th. Among the projects
   worked on included a LED matrix display, a VU-type meter and a coat with
   200+ LEDs.

   The Noise Orchestra <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/NoiseJam> is an
   open ensemble of handmade, hand-wired, and hand-coded instruments.

   Post-Waste Nexus <http://postwastenexus.org/>endeavors to reuse and
   recycle electronic waste, place refurbished computers with free and open
   source software in our communities, provide education and job training, use
   environmentally responsible e-waste handling practices, and operate under
   consensus decision making.

   A group of Noisebridgers, the
   are conducting research and working on projects related to brain computer

   Some Noisebridgers just finished a super-successful Kickstarter
Piksi, a low-cost RTK GPS receiver (centimeter level precision) with
   open source software and board design targeted at UAVs.

Sudo Room


   The Oakland Mesh group <http://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh> successfully
   crowdfunded the first round of hardware for the community wireless network
   we’re building throughout East Oakland. Want to join the mesh? Add your
   node here: http://meshmap.sudoroom.org

   GETit <https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Phage_therapy> is collaborating with
   local clinics to develop novel therapies for the eradication of antibiotic
   resistant gonorrhea.

   Some folks have been working on a brain-computer interface for
   controlling MC Hawking, the open source robot currently on loan from

   SudoMaté RISE is a carbonated yerba mate natural energy drink. An open
   source soda: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Sudomate - available at Sudo Room.

   Subiir is currently brewing their 7th batch:

   Juul is building an arcade machine running all free and open source
   video games, and with a variety of controllers.

   Eddie Che is building a small mobile greenhouse for growing food, and
   previously built a rocket stove at the space:

   Sun Synchrony is building and designing a new device for producing solar
   electricity.  The cells are more than twice the power of conventional
   silicon cells, and this system provides nearly double the electricity per
   given area, charges electronics much faster solar, and offers maximum

We Have Questions:

Does your hackerspace have its own general liability insurance? Would you
be interested in pooling to get a better price on a policy, if available?


Kudos to Ace Monster Toys who actually emailed their updates when asked.
Others: you can learn!

Jenny Ryan (Sudo Room) collected most of these updates by hand. Yes, from
each site, one by one. Deep bows of gratitude for representing everyone so

Judi Clark (SL Coworking) added a few updates, did the layout for the print
& pdf versions, added these snarky comments and printed some hand-out

Calendar Feeds:

1. Hackermoms:

2. Noisebridge:


3. Sudo room:


4. Ace Monster Toys:


5. Hacker Dojo:


6. Marin Makers:
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